Thursday, April 12, 2007

Fresh Potato Juice Can Control Further Spread Of Cancer Cells

Today I'm going to divert my topical matter to share something that I pick up from a booklet titled "Fresh Potato Juice Treatment Yields New Findings" by Jue Xin Ju Shi [Lay Buddhist Jue Xin]. I find it fascinating and I hope it can bring some hope to those who are in need of some help.

In its Introductory message it says that more and more people are recovering from illnesses by drinking fresh potato juice. It further says "Fresh potato juice can control further spread of cancer cells."

According to the author "there have been a number of cancer patients who have undergone this type of treatment this year, while several have gradually recovered, to the extent that when some are saved from the brink of death, they have called to inform of their eternal joy."

A Budhist monk, Master Tomizawa, who advocates fresh potato juice treatment, has received overwhelming response in letters from cancer sufferers from all over Japan. With such an encouaging result, it will further publish clinical cases of fresh potato juice treatments.

Mash fresh potatoes to pulp. Drink one to two glasses of potato juice derived from this pulp every day and continuously. This will mainly cure cancer, but recovery cases from liver disease, diabetes, gastric ulcer, kidney disease, heart diseases, hypertension, lumbago and sore shoulders etc have also been reported.

For example, a Mr T had a tumour growth under his ear which was diagnosed to be malignant and which had also been operated on before. He later received radiotherapy, but up to last year, his cancer cells had spread to his lungs.

He was diagnosed to have lung cancer at a cancer specialist hospital and proclaimed beyond cure. Thereafter he started actively participating in fresh potato juice treatment. At present, the spread of his cancer cells is under control and his physical strength has improved and should be able to return to work.

The booklet also described the methods of preparation and further revelation of how the potato juices have been used for treatment of other type of illnesses. In fact, it states that there is no risk at all in using Fresh Potato Juice treatment. Anyone could start it immediately and within a very short period, one could really feel the effects.
So much to share with you.
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Gladys said...

Hi John,

Came across your blog on "Fresh Potato Juice Can Control Further Spread of Cancer Cells". Would like more info if possible..

Gladys Tan

John Low said...

Hi Gladys thank you for your interest shown in this subject. Had already given you a reply vide email. Hope you have read it. Looking forward to your continuing support.

Daphne said...

my mom gets a similar booklet from her friend. but i was doubtful on the effectiveness of potato juice in controlling the cancer cells ( for your information, my mom is a cancer patient, and i don encourage her to take potato juice if there is no proof for the effectiveness). so i wanted to ask whether there is any research done to show that potato juice is really helpful for cancer patient... thanks for your time ...


John Low said...

Hi Daphne

Thank you for visiting my blog. I appreciate it very much. Thousand apologies for missing reading your comments until now.

I'm not a medically trained professional. My purpose of posting this article is basically to share with readers the goodness of the potatoe juice that I come to know.

Potatoe to me is a common form of veg and is consumed ordinarily whether a person is in the pink of health or suffering from cancer for example.

Sorry to learn that your mum is one of the unforunate ones. I can understand her predicament. I believe your mum is receiving the best medical treatment and if she is recovering that's great. If no, I personally see no harm giving her a try. Only difference is that it is to be taken in juice form. I do not know whether has any research been done but from the writings that I read on the internet it appears that it does work but I suppose it depends on a patient's condition.

So much to share with you, hope you visit my blog regularly. I love sharing tips that I know of.

wellmanrebel said...


If you could e-mail me more info, especially on preparing the juice I would be very thankful. Hope all is well.


wellmanrebel said...


my e-mail is:

wanted to be clear. Thanks,


M.A.S said...

Hi john ,
I would like to know more ..

Becky said...

Hi John

Thank you so much for this post. I really need just a little hope for my aunt, who has stomach cancer. My aunt only has maybe a couple months to live & if this can help her live for only a few days longer I would definitely encourage her to start taking potato juice but I need to know more info & is it really safe for "anyone" to take it. If you could e-mail me more info, facts, effectiveness, preparing the juice or anything about Fresh Potato Juice?

Thank you so much for your time.

Becky said...

Hi John,

I think forgot to give you my email address, it is:

thanks again and i'm waiting for your reply.


Lillian said...

Hi John,

Could you kindly send more info on raw potatoes treatment to

Happystar said...

It really baffles me how people can ask how safe is it....its a vegetable thats being consumed carrot only in juice form...

John thank you for posting....i'm planning on trying this for the many going to blend my raw potato n add honey to improve the taste.

Happystar said...

John contact me on if u need to

jamie s said...

HI, I am a 43 yr old woman with stomach issues like acid reflux, chest tightness (from that, I already had heart checks and all is good) and I know it is strss related . I also have had constipation for so long. I suffer from shoulder pain prob due to exercise and anxiety. Now can I drink the juice even though I don't have cancer and can I drink it straight with some carrot etc ? Some sights say only do it with a therapist working with you???? THanks Jamie